wet leaf syndrome ..

a few years ago, we visited Japan for 10 days .. 10 days of marvelling at the cherry blossoms, eating incredible food, traveling on the Shinkansen, visiting fox havens, pondering vending machines in obscure places, enjoying sakura flavoured everything (I particularly loved the ice cream), participating in cherry blossom festivals and observing after work parties … Continue reading wet leaf syndrome ..

the downhills ..

years ago, a friend and I trained for the 3-Day breast cancer walk .. as part of our training, we participated in a full marathon .. the details don’t really matter but suffice it to say that by mile 18 we were regretting that decision .. each milepost seemed further and further apart and the … Continue reading the downhills ..

isolation ..

“state of seclusion” .. oh for some this isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic is a gift of time to be welcomed .. it eases demands and burdens from the outside world, some perceived and some actual .. and allows for a life slowing and time to complete projects .. for some of us, me, it … Continue reading isolation ..

Tomby ..

one of the loveliest places (and there were so so many) I visited during my travels was the Isle of Lewis and Harris .. this is an island in the Outer Hebrides .. it is sometimes referred to as two islands but in fact is, geographically anyway, one .. we arrived by ferry from Ullapool, … Continue reading Tomby ..

reflecting ..

“If you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything”. ~ Eric Davis ok so I have to be completely honest, and I certainly don’t mean to minimize the suffering happening RIGHT NOW in the world, but social distancing is really hard for me and yes I am polishing my perspectacles as I say that … Continue reading reflecting ..

pause ..

yesterday on my walk along the river, I phoned a cousin living in eastern Canada to chat and we shared some thoughts on life and humanity and we laughed as we always do and we hung up with “I love you’s” .. I continued my meandering, following the course of the river .. and paused … Continue reading pause ..

prayer flags ..

I spend a lot of time walking .. (on a recent 4-month trip, I walked over 600 miles) .. I love the silence of my footsteps along a well trod forest path and I love the gritty whisper over gravelly paths .. I like clambering over stiles and holding fence wires apart to squeeze through … Continue reading prayer flags ..

wandering ..

as we settle into a possible 14 day plus “shelter at home” in Washington state, I am keeping my sense of purpose by wandering and pondering .. the meditation of my own footsteps soothes me .. according to Thich Nhat Hand, “The practice of mindful walking is a profound and pleasurable way to deepen our … Continue reading wandering ..

most people are good ..

yesterday I distanced myself socially by driving to the Skagit Valley to see the migrating snow geese and blooming daffodils .. I use Spotify for musical entertainment and chuckled to myself at my random road trip playlist that went like this: • Sweet Escape – Gwen Stefani• Bridge Over Troubled Water – sung by Johnny … Continue reading most people are good ..